IDEA strike off, offer on the table

Last Friday, after eight months of hard bargaining and with Thursday’s strike looming, IDEA finally made an offer that addresses the major issues in dispute. As a result, the strike is cancelled.

The pressure generated by the strike was clearly the decisive step and the offer came after your bargaining team had tabled a range of suggestions. With the pressure on, IDEA was sensible enough to accept our approach.

Under the offer there will be:

It will take a few days to sort out the paperwork and then we will schedule ‘ratification’ meetings for all members over the coming weeks so you can vote on the offer.  These may be doubled up with the equal pay meetings which are also being planned for the same time.

A big “thank you” to all those who went on strike last month and to those who were planning action this Thursday, rest assured it was your work that delivered the result!

On behalf of the full bargaining team:
Alastair Duncan
Industry Coordinator