Details about your E tū Membership

Kia ora koutou

Our records show that you are an E tū member whose employment ended because of the effects of COVID-19 on the aviation industry. I am writing to you because in March the union’s National Executive committed to maintaining membership for all workers who lost their job because of COVID-19 until 30 September 2020. The Executive’s decision recognised just how abrupt and difficult the change would be for many thousands of workers like you. Unfortunately, we have now reached that point and your membership at E tū has now lapsed.  

Since March just over 40% of Aviation members have had to look for other jobs. Many aviation collectives have agreed to temporary changes to their pay and rosters in order to avoid or prevent further job losses. The union has supported aviation members throughout this period and while the union was unable to stop redundancies, we committed to holding employers to account every step of the way.

Hundreds of cabin crew at Air NZ and Jetconnect and many workers at Menzies have instead chosen Furlough and/or Special LWOP arrangements in the hope of returning to the industry. E tū will support these workers for as long as is necessary (at no charge) so they can get advice on the agreements they have signed.

Unfortunately, as you will have seen in the media we are also still seeing members faced with redundancy as the situation worsens. On a more positive note the union has been able to help members find new jobs. If you are still looking for work, or for a better job, then please be sure and register on job match on the E tū website. E tū has recently secured government funding to further develop this function so we can put even more workers in touch with employers offering decent unionised work.

If have received this email in error please let me know or call 0800 186 466 to check we have all your correct details. You may have already re-joined the union in your new role. With all the changes happening you may have ended up on the wrong mailing list.

We look forward to one day having you re-join E tū either in your new job or back in your former role in Aviation. There may be another union in your current or future workplace as it might not be an area that E tū covers. If so please join that union and help make it stronger. If there is no union members at work or no collective agreement available then talk to your new co-workers and then call 0800 186 466 to talk with the organiser about what you can do to unionise.

To re-join E tū at any stage in the future you can do so by clicking on either of the following links:

To re-join and pay Union fees from your pay click here 

Or to re-join as a Direct Debit payer click here and select direct debit on the payment method screen.

We will be sending a separate letter to all members who were formerly delegates to acknowledge their work and thank them for their leadership at work. If you were not a union delegate in E tū then keep that in mind in any new position you take up. Either by recruiting co-workers to unionise or stepping forward as a delegate. Workplace leaders are the backbone of the union.

Please take your union values of mutual respect and collective action with you. When workers have a voice then we can create decent jobs and better working lives for families and communities. Your membership of E tū was greatly appreciated and on behalf of all the members and staff I wish you strength in everything you do.  

And remember to vote – and to take your friends and family with you to vote. Early voting booths open tomorrow (October 3). If you are not on the electoral roll you can now enrol and vote at the same time. More than ever before it is important to vote for parties that support unions and workers’ rights.

Ngā mihi nui


E tū Head of Aviation