Election 2020

It’s election year! The general election will be held on Saturday 17 October. Early voting will open on Saturday 3 October. Now is the time to make a plan to ensure that you and your friends, family, and workmates will all get out and vote!

Make a difference for yourself, your family, your workplace, and your community!

The outcome of the election could be life-changing for you and your family. E tū members are directly affected by Government policy. The setting of the minimum wage, for example, can make a gigantic difference for our lowest paid members. Local and international economic policy affects many E tū industries. Wherever you work, wherever you live, you need a Government that has your interests at heart.

That’s why E tū is mobilising to make a difference in this election. The E tū National Executive has endorsed an ambitious plan to contact as many members as possible to discuss the important issues around this year’s election.

We know that elections are won on the ground, not just in the media, so we’re urging anyone who wants to make a difference to get involved.

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Are you and the people you know enrolled to vote?

To vote in the general election, you must be enrolled to vote and have your details up to date. Enrolling to vote and checking your details is easy! Click here to check out vote.nz/enrol and make sure your vote will be counted this year.

Election 2020 - get involved

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