Engineering, Infrastructure and Extractions

E tū represents over 10,000 members employed in roles within in the engineering, infrastructure and extractive sector.

The industry covers 42 sub-industries across 728 worksites and includes infrastructure services such as water and sewage services, local government, construction and related services, whole of journey metal manufacturing starting with mining & smelting through to fabrication and general metal manufacturing, timber processing and wood fibre packaging, mining, oil & gas extraction and refining.

E tū members in this sector have a proud history of standing up for working people and know that whatever the size of the company, being in the union is the only way to have a real voice at work so together we can improve wages, health and safety, and other conditions.

The construction boom

At the moment, there are two big drivers of construction growth in New Zealand – housing for Auckland’s growing population and the Canterbury rebuild. These huge projects are vital for New Zealand’s social and economic progress and it’s important that the workers are getting a fair deal as well.

New Zealand has welcomed migrant workers to help with these big tasks but they can be particularly vulnerable to exploitation. That’s why unionising the migrant workforce is a key objective for E tū in the construction industry.

E tū construction member, Melchor Besonia