Fair Pay Agreements

Fair Pay Agreements will be the best change for workers in decades. They will set minimum standards across whole industries so we can win decent work – better pay, hours of work, health and safety, training, and worker input in decision making.

E tū’s Playing Fair campaign is focused on making sure the Government get their Fair Pay Agreement legislation right, and helping the public understand how important this change will be for workers in Aotearoa.

What’s next?

We are waiting for the Government to give the Fair Pay Agreement bill its First Reading in parliament, which means it will be open for public discussion. E tū members will be invited to make written submissions to parliament, explaining why Fair Pay Agreements will be so important for us.

The Government have released a Cabinet Paper that outlines the shape that Fair Pay Agreement legislation will take. It’s a good start, but we need to keep the pressure on to make sure we win both good legislation and strong public support. What we know:

  • Inequality is endemic in our society and must be addressed.
  • Low wages and exploitative work conditions are a contributor to inequality.
  • Workers have better wages and conditions when they are in unions and have collective agreements.
  • Most workers in low wage industries are not in unions or on collective agreements.
  • Industry-wide bargaining will improve wages and conditions for low paid workers.
  • Industry-wide bargaining will create an even playing field for employers taking wages out of competition.
  • Fair Pay Agreements are the best opportunity to transform New Zealand’s low paid economy and the lives of workers, families and communities currently suffering from inequality and deprivation.

E tū supports and advocates for Fair Pay Agreements as one significant step to prosperity for workers and their communities.


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